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  • Q&A with Miss Vickie: Creator of Legendary Potato Chips! Vickie Kerr has always been passionate about preparing nutritious meals for her family. It was her desire to make a healthier snack for her four young children that resulted in the recipe that launched one of the most successful potato chip brands in North America. Now, after more than thirty-five years preparing food for her more
  • New Video! Introducing Emily Griffiths-Hamilton There’s no better time than now to unlock the secrets behind effective succession and wealth transition. In this video Emily Griffiths-Hamilton—a leading expert in the field—does just that. The path to success, she argues, is the Family Bank. This is a dynamic approach that any family, at any stage in its life cycle, can adopt. more
  • Favourite Books Every month we will be featuring a list of our favourite books as selected by the Figure 1 team. Being involved in publishing, it’s only right that we enjoy reading books just as much as we enjoy producing them. Titles range from fiction, cookbooks, kids books, design books and nonfiction. We begin with selections from more