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  • An Interview with Kim Dorland An Interview with Kim Dorland by Robert Enright For several years now, art critic Robert Enright and Kim Dorland have engaged in an ongoing dialogue about Dorland’s work, and art in general. This interview is an edited collage of four conversations. Check out Kim Dorland for a more complete version. In choosing paintings for this more
  • Snap Calgary Cooks Contest! SNAP CALGARY COOKS CONTEST Want to win over $2,400 in Calgary restaurant gift certificates? Enter by visiting restaurants featured in Calgary Cooks and snap a photo of the book with your meal, the chef or restaurant. Or cook a recipe and snap a shot with the book. Tweet or Instagram and use the #CalgaryCooks hashtag more
  • Favourite Galleries / Museums To celebrate our current art book contest (now closed) the Figure 1 team are sharing their favourite galleries:   Selected by Lara Smith, Managing Editor: Marion Scott Gallery/Kardosh Projects Granville Street, Vancouver This gallery works with a group of contemporary artists from Cape Dorset, Baker Lake and other northern communities and regularly shows their beautiful, more