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  • Interview with Emily Griffiths-Hamilton: “Build Your Family Bank” Build Your Family Bank is an insightful must-read for anyone looking for an accessible guide to wealth succession. In the following interview Emily Griffiths-Hamilton answers a series of questions about the Family Bank approach, including whether it’s intended only for the wealthy, how her own experiences shaped the vision and what lessons readers should take more
  • Miss Vickie Recipe! – Flourless Chocolate Cake Who doesn’t love chocolate cake? In preparation for the Canadian release of Miss Vickie’s Kitchen later this month we’re featuring one of Vickie Kerr’s family favourite recipes. It is decadent, delicious and totally flour-free! And be sure to come back here for a second delectable recipe from Vickie in November, this time to celebrate the more
  • Favourite Books: Jessica Sullivan Get into the mind of one of Canada’s most esteemed book designers as we continue our Favourite Books section. This month we are featuring selections by our Creative Director, Jessica Sullivan. She is winner of 36 Alcuin Awards for Excellence in Book Design and a CBA Libris Award for Book Design of the Year. Jess more