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  • New Video! Introducing Emily Griffiths-Hamilton There’s no better time than now to unlock the secrets behind effective succession and wealth transition. In this video Emily Griffiths-Hamilton—a leading expert in the field—does just that. The path to success, she argues, is the Family Bank. This is a dynamic approach that any family, at any stage in its life cycle, can adopt. more
  • Favourite Books Every month we will be featuring a list of our favourite books as selected by the Figure 1 team. Being involved in publishing, it’s only right that we enjoy reading books just as much as we enjoy producing them. Titles range from fiction, cookbooks, kids books, design books and nonfiction. We begin with selections from more
  • Behind the Scenes: Photo Shoot Creative Director, Jess Sullivan, has filed this report on her recent photo shoot for the upcoming cookbook, “Grilling with House of Q” “The last two weeks we’ve been busy at work on the photography for ‘Grilling with House of Q’ by Barbeque Brian Misko. We had fantastic weather, an amazing location thanks to homeowner Karen, more